About West End Wanderer

Ade LeaderWest End Wanderer is born from an unhealthy addiction to purchasing theatre tickets (and wandering around London checking out marquees). Since my first visit in October 1997 to see Oliver! at the London Palladium, I have been captivated by the design of theatre shows. The carefully orchestrated designs that help tell a story to an audience, an automated chaos behind the scenes that’s entirely invisible to the viewer when done properly. Over time, my love of theatre has grown – now, not just about the visual delights but about the sharp writing and stand-out performances – and I enjoy stripped back plays on a small scale as much as the expensive musicals.

For now, I’m happy to let the addiction take hold and to share the love of theatre with as many as I can, while seeing as many performances as I can. Because what many fail to realise is that a trip to the theatre is a one-off unique experience; it’s like going to see a movie for the first time and realising that you’ll never be able to watch it ever again. Theatre is unique.

I may not be a polished reviewer, but I speak from my gut, write what I see, and recommend what I love. Enjoy.


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