Top 5 Musical Flash Mobs

Ever fancied breaking into song and dance when you’re walking around the shops? Yeh, we all do… (Right?!) Well plenty of people do exactly that, while backed up by a troop of fellow musical lovers. Except with the stamp ‘flash mob’ firmly placed on it, it’s perfectly socially acceptable. And that got me thinking, what are the top five musical theatre flash mobs out there?

#5 The Sound of Music at Antwerp Station
This may not be the original version of the ‘Do Re Mi’, but for sheer oomph and manpower, this Sound of Music favourite had to rank.

#4 Les Miserables at Orlando’s Mall at Millenia
There are ridiculous number of ‘One Day More’ flash mobs happening at weddings right now, but this one by the Orlando Shakespeare Theater packs a real punch as it’s sung by, you know, people who can sing…

#3 Mamma Mia at Shopping Vila Olimpia
I’m not the biggest ABBA fan, but even I struggle to keep still watching these folks dance their hearts out while everyone else is just trying to have a quiet bite to eat.

#2 Sister Act at Aberdeen’s Union Square Shopping Centre
Picture this – you emerge from Costa after having a quick mid-shop energy boost and see a troop of dancing nuns. If you need anymore of a reason to watch this one, there’s something wrong with you.

#1 The Lion King on the New York Subway
I’m wondering if we can just hire this guys to spend their day jumping from one tube train to another, because the energy from the Broadway cast in this video is ridiculously infectious.

Got another musical flash mob that you think should have appeared. Pop it in the comments below and share it with the world.


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